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Virginia's Finest Logo A.M. King LLC
Adima Aniteye
13241 Otto Road
Woodbridge  VA 22193
305 814-3265

Email: amkingllc@gmail.com

Product(s): Creator and distributor of Queen Victoria's Island Punch - beverage/mixer. A mixture of grapefruit, pineapple, apple and orange juice creates a citrusy blend with a perfect mix of sweet and tart all while remaining refreshing.

Brand Name(s): Queen Victoria's Island Punch.


Virginia's Finest Logo Ashburn Sauce Company, Inc.
Willard Ashburn
1024 Bells Road, Suite 121
Virginia Beach  VA 23451
757 621-1113

Email: ashburnsauceco@aol.com

Product(s): Hot sauce, barbecue sauce, steak sauce, marinades, rubs, dry mixes, salsa and bloody mary mix. 2006 Grand Prize Scovie Award Winner - Bucking Willy's Sassy Luau Sauce. 2006 Scovie Award Winner Bucking Willy's Mango Heat. 2012 Best New Product overall - Clammy Mary Premium Bloody Mary Mix, 1st Place Pungo BBQ Championship - Sassy Mary Premium Bloody Mix.

MO, FS, R, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Ashman Manufacturing and Distributing, Co.
Tim Ashman
1120 Jensen Dr
Virginia Beach  VA 23451
757 428-6734

Fax: 757 437-0398

Email: timashman@ashmanco.com

Product(s): BBQ Sauces, Hot Sauces, Marinades, Pasta Sauces, Rubs, Salsa, Dressings, Mustard, Brunswick Stew, Mixers.

R, FS, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Bloodys By Buz Gourmet Ventures
W. R. (Buzz) Rollins
PO Box 167
Port Haywood  VA 23138
866 838-0454

Fax: 866 850-8742

Email: brollins@bloodysbybuz.com

Product(s): Bloody Mary mix.

Brand Name(s): Bloody's by Buz Exquisite Bloody Mary Mix, Buz's Bloody Good Palate Magic.

FS, R, MO, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Blue Crab Bay (Bay Beyond Inc.)
Amy D. Savona
29368 Atlantic Drive
Melfa  VA 23410
800 221-2722

Fax: 757 787-3430

Email: sales@baybeyond.net

Product(s): Beverage mixers, snacks, seasonings, soups, dip kits, gift sets.

Brand Name(s): Blue Crab Bay Co.

MO, R, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Keep It Simple Syrup produced by Chef Sous LLC
Susan Martinson
6802 Paragon Place, Suite 410
Richmond  VA 23230
888 949-5477

Fax: 866 538-9079

Email: kiss@keepitsimplesyrup.com

Email 2: susan@chefsous.com

Product(s): Keep It Simple Syrup® - aka KISS®: All natural flavor-infused simple syrup. Two delicious varieties: Spearmint & Cinnamon. Makes high-end cocktails easy! Use in hot/cold beverages, savory dishes and desserts, too. OU kosher. Certified fat-free, gluten-free, high fructose corn syrup-free. No GMOs.

Brand Name(s): Keep It Simple Syrup® and kiss® are federally registered trademarks of Chef Sous LLC.

MO, W, R, FS

Virginia's Finest Logo Nash Products LLC.
Sue Nash
2367 Wheatland Drive
Manakin Sabot  VA 23103
804 719-9038

Email: nashproductsllc@gmail.com

Email 2: nashsawn@aol.com

Product(s): Premium Bloody Mary mix. Rich, bold taste.

Brand Name(s): Huntsman Premium Bloody Mary Mix.

FS, R, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Pickled Silly
Sandra Wheeler
2001 North Avenue
Richmond  VA 23222
804 614-6103

Email: info@pickledsilly.com

Product(s): Pickled Silly combines yummy veggies, savory brine, flavorful spices, and lots of silliness that just gets better with time. Products include: Pickled Dilly Beans; Pickled Spicy Okra; Pickled Carrots; Bloody Mary Mix.

Brand Name(s): Pickled Silly.

MO, R, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Revolution X Revolutionary Mixers
Whit Whitley
607 Glendale Drive
Richmond  VA 23229
804 301-2308

Fax: 910 754-1438

Email: whit@patrickhenrys.com

Product(s): Virginia's first and finest makers of revolutionary cocktail mixes.

Brand Name(s): Patrick Henry's Revolutionary Bloody Mary Mixes, Poe's Phantastic Sour Mix, Strawberry Daiquiri Mix, Hatteras Island Hurricane Mix, Bahama Mama Mix, Revolutionary Grenadine and Revolutionary lime juice.

R, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Time2Tiki, LLC
Angie Keaton
PO Box 10539
Alexandria  VA 22310
703 960-3668

Fax: 703 960-3669

Email: sales@time2tiki.com

Product(s): Island Zest salad dressing, Mai Tai mix, Stir fry sauce.

Brand Name(s): Dave and Anna's Signature Blends.


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